The Final Days – The end is nigh

I have spent the last 4 or so days now struck down with some kind of flu. Basically meaning I have been bed ridden, only venturing outside for food and water. This is the life.

I checked into a private room in San Juan Del Sur which was about a 2m x 2m square box with a bed and a fan. This was my home for the next 2 nights. Two painful nights. At least there was a fan. And I did have my laptop and movies to keep me semi sane. I’m not sure  what I have but it ticks nearly all the symptoms of Dengue Fever. Yahoo. My legs feel like jelly, I have the sweats, the chills, vomiting, insane headache, can’t eat. But…I think…I am getting better.

Welcome to Paradise

As you can tell my last week in Central America is turning out pretty damm nicely haha. I blame Sunday Funday….

Sunday Funday..I’m not talking about it again. It was good, Dammm good. But no. Never again. Ever.

I had planned to get some surfing in here in San Juan but I only managed a few days out due to this bastard bug. I stayed at Rapture camp which was set high up in the heavens of the forest near Playa Maderas. It was a nice chill place with an amazing infinity pool but the roads to get there and back down to the beaches were insane. I’m glad I wasn’t the driver. I prefer to stay closer to the beach as we were in Santa Teresa so for me San Juan has not been the greatest surf destination. We were travelling at least an hour each way to get to some of the beaches. Also, when the swell is big beginners better be prepared to watch from the beach. Surfing is a scary scary sport sometimes.

So yea the countdown to my flight home is now 2 days and I cant wait. These past 2 months have been pretty awesome, barring this week,  and I have met some crazy cool people but I am really looking forward to getting back home. I think I have come to the conclusion, albeit my conclusions change on a daily basis, that me and travelling are done. The travel bug has died or is at least temproarily napping. It has been a great experience these past 2 months but for me travelling has become boring and repetitive. Maybe its the place; after all to me Central American countries are all very similar and right now I feel as though I have seen it all.

I think when people go travelling, me included, they expect constant entertainment and gratification. However, for me travelling generally goes like this. Pack bags, sweat like a motherf*cker getting to the bus, sweating like a motherf*cker on a bus, checking into a hostel, checking out the towns sights( usually a cathedral and a museum), drinking annd repeat. If it wasn’t for surfing I would have been bored a looong time ago. In my opinion you really need to be a lover of history, architecture, nature or something along those lines if you want to keep your interest while travelling. Otherwise your time is spent either drinking or chilling. Chilling, there is a lot of it. For me, too much.

So yea. I’m done. With backpacking anyway. That’s not to say I wont do it again. Just next time I will set more realistic expectations.

What next? Well its back to my hoooome tooown to enjoy the festivities. Then I’ll make up a new plan.

Top things I have learned –

  • Don’t trust taxi drivers – No the bus hasn’t already gone and no you don’t need to spend $100 to get in his taxi.
  • Speak the language – Its more fun. And so much easier to bargain and find best deals.
  • Planning? – Nah don’t bother. Have a general idea that’s all you need. Overplanning is almost always a waste of time.
  • Oh yea and If its just rained its not a good idea to take a scooter with a passenger and surfboard down to the beach on a dirt track. Really, its not a good idea. Slipping and sliding all the way to the surf duuude.

Peace out brothers and sisters.



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