Santa Teresa – Surf, Chill, Surf a bit more, Chill

After the longest bus journey in the history of mankind we arrived at Santa Teresa and checked into our Air bnb. Finally, we had some space to call our own. And of course air con and proper beds! I will never again not appreciate what it feels like to sleep on a normal bed!


The next morning we got our surf boards and headed to check out the beach. The waves were biiig. Ok they were only like 4-6ft but for me that was enough to have the fear of my head being crushed like a watermelon if I paddled out. Fair play to Romana and Tim for having the balls to get out to the lineup. Myself and Sandra decided it safer to stay close to shore and get battered by the whitewash. I was thinking to myself ‘Dammmm I’m going to have nothing to do here but sit on the beach for 6 days..’ but luckily the swell was on my side and the waves calmed over the next 4 days. Meaning I could actually paddle out and join in the fun.

Romana & Tim post surf
Checking them waves

The second day we made a new ‘friend’ in some dog that followed us the whole length of the beach. It wouldn’t leave us alone. It even followed me into the sea, got scared and bit my board leaving about 6 teeth puncture holes. I had thought that I might have broken a board or damaged one but for it to be by a dog..yea I didn’t think that would be why. 20 bucks to fix!

The walk to the beach from our air bnb took about 20 Minutes each way. I quite liked the walk but to save the legs of the others and stop their moaning šŸ˜‰ we moved to Selinas hostel which was right outside the main surf spot. To be fair the now 30 seconds walk to the beach was definitely worth the move.

The surf over the next few days was goood. It was much flatter than the first couple of days but for me that was definitely a positive. I managed to catch a few waves in between getting smashed and tumbled a hundred times. It was good fun. The beach was also really nice especially at sunset. Sunset gave the whole beach an amazing hazy glow combined with the jungle being right up to the beach the views were pretty incredible.

Dropping in
DSC02213 (2)
Sunset over Playa Santa Teresa


We managed to make it out one night after meeting Matheus, a Brazilian we were sharing our dorm room with. It was a fun night, strange… but fun. First stop was banana beach bar for a beer then we heard of a party at somewhere called Blues. We tried hitching our way there and eventuality got picked up by an American guy in his 40s driving a pickup. The pickup was not made for 6 people. We somehow squeezed ourselves into the back with the doors only just being able to close. It was only after we started driving we realised the driver was absolutely off his tree. He was wasted, rum in hand. To be fair though his driving was pretty good, I felt safe anyway but that was probably due to the alcohol I had consumed.

Blues was closed so we got dropped off at La Lora Amarilla. There was a lot of salsa going on and we were clearly the only gringos in the building. Our European and Brazilian dancing was not quite to the same standard as the locals…. It was like being at a school disco where all the guys would stand at the edges while a couple would be brave enough to hit the dance floor. In this situation we were the brave ones…

All in all it was a funny and random night.

Santa Teresa has been a super chilled place to stay and I have really enjoyed my time here. The surf was good, the beach was really nice and the beds were unbelievable. But it’s now time to get back on the bus for another mega tiring trip toooo…Nicaragua!

Yes I’m going back…Did someone say Sunday Funday…????? šŸ˜€

Playa Santa Teresa
And Another
Selinas Hostel
Post Surf Sundowners with Sandra, Tim and Romana


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