Goodbye Tamarindo, Goodbye Dreamsea

So my 3 weeks in the jungle is up and I am not really sure what to make of it all.

At the start I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the end of the first week but now as I am sat on a sofa in an air conditioned, clean room( Dreamsea readers will understand how happy I am right now!) I can look back on this as a very worthwhile experience, probably one of the most worthwhile experiences I have done as part of my travels. It wasn’t always easy; far from it actually and there were times when I just wanted my own bed back home but the best way to describe these last 3 weeks is as an experience. An experience that has taught me so much about how I should live my life and what is important to me.

Living in the jungle really gives you time to think. You are stripped of everything; no wifi(although wifi did come in after the first week), no clean space, no clean clothes. All you have to entertain yourself or keep you sane is yourself and the people around you.

 A normal day would start with waking up around 6am, breakfast at 0730( the food was really good here), jump onto the back of the shuttle into town about 1030, chill at Selinas hostel  pool, grab some food then hit the beach. Then it was back to camp at 1730 for an awesome dinner. After Dinner it would be either beer pong or a game of Tomas then out into town for a night out. Rinse and repeat.

All you needed to worry about was what time and what beach we would surf at; there was literaly nothing else you needed to think about. Except the bugs maybe. Those little shits, I won’t miss them.

We spent this last week mainly surfing. A couple of us went on a trip to the local beach Avellanas. The waves were a bit too big for me and after a couple of hours in the water, catching no waves and swallowing a ton of salt I decided to give up and stay on the safety of the beach.  We got to see the 500lb pig Lolita, the local attraction, sometimes seen swimming in the sea, this pig was huuuge, you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her, she would defintely crush you.


Lolita says Hi

The beast
The last night we hit the Karaoke. I don’t think I had showered for at least 3 days( the sea is my new shower) by this time and I was still wearing the same clothes that I had been surfing in earlier in the day. Stay classy. But I sang my heart out to the killers. Probably the best singer in the bar IMO. What was meant to be a couple of beers while enjoying the karaoke turned into a bit of a bigger night due to ladies getting another free drinks night..It was bed by 3am. Alarm set for 530am for catching the bus to Santa Teresa. Who’s idea was this.

If I had known it would take 12 hours, 6 buses and one taxi( nearly two ferries) to get to Santa Teresa I would have rethought my drinking plans for the night before. Travelling in Costa Rica is an absolute nightmare. Travelling even 20km can take almost 3 hours. Its insane, the roads are not built for travels.

Anyway we made it to Santa Teresa in time to check into our Airbnb. What a change from the jungle. The jungle really does make you appreciate the simple( and clean) things in life.


  • The community and the people
    Dennis, Artem,Danny and ????

    Rooftop Sundowners
  • Back to basics, Switch off your phones. Forget your deodorant. This is the jungle baby
  • The surf – Can’t beat the trip to Playa Grande for a quiet day out surfing on some nice waves.
    Boat across crocodile river

    Wave hunting
  • Artem -I can’t write about Dreamsea without mentioning this guy. 99% of the time I had no idea what he was talking about. Something about the Universe and pure joy and the galaxy and amaaazing but this guy is definitely one of a kind. From the mantras to the non-sensical yoga tips this guy always provided entertainment and suppper amaziingness.


  • Mould, moving to the almost mould free bus was a godsend IMG_2087
  • Sleeping conditions. I actually got used to and kind of liked the bus by the end…
  • Always wet and damp,
  • Tico time,Prepare to wait or plans to be forgotten…
  • Bugs – finding a scorpion in my bag at 7am was a good fun way to wake up.

What now – I am in Santa Teresa and for the first time in a very long time I am pretty content with just living in the moment. If the jungle has taught me one thing its that there is no need to overthink, overanalyse or excessively plan. I used to do this all the time, probably why I am turning grey already :D. But right now I am happy with living today and letting tomorrow take care of itself. Boooyyya. Hasta manana.

To close :

Spend time with people not things

Social media is not social.

Don’t think just do ( To an extent..)

Keep on walking

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