Life, Volcano Arenal, Monteverde and the Pooping Sloth

Life is simple but never easy.

Meh meh mehhhhhhhhhhhh. Just about sums up my thoughts right now but anyways as Forest Gump would say ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’. I don’t know how that is even relevant. But… I do like chocolate…… mmmmmm. Ok yep I’m a f*cking weirdo it all makes sense now 🙂 😀

Travelling. Yes Travelling. So the last few days have been pretty epic. Myself and Tequila Tim decided we needed a holiday from camp. A nice break away from the mould and the bugs, maybe even get some hot water and some AC. Ahhhhhhhhhh

We literally had no plan other than ‘Yea tomorrow morning we’re going to go to Monteverde’. How? For how long? We had no clue. We didn’t even really know what there was to do there. This was unplanned ‘Fuck it what can happen’ travelling at its best; and it actually couldn’t have worked out any better.

We stumped up some bug bucks ($45) to get a private shuttle from Tamarindo to La Fortuna; this took about 4 hours. La fortuna is the town sat directly below the Arenal Volcano. Called La fortuna supposedly because it has always been fortunate never to have been in direct path of the lava. We arrived there and it was pishing it doon so we spent the night hiding in the hostel playing some pool and cooking some food. I got my tequila debt down to 2 rounds of tequila by winning at pool so I was pretty happy.

The next day we went to La Fortuna waterfall. It was honestly the best waterfall I have seen and we had it to ourselves for some of the time. The waterfall was in the most amazing location surrounded by the rainforest. Great place to refresh the body and mind…

Full on Hippy Mode

We then went back to town then up the Volcano to the observatory, still having no idea where the volcano actually was due to the overcast weather. We hiked through the forest in the pouring rain, saw an anteater and generally just got soaked. Apart from not seeing the Volcano, it was a very decent day.

The next morning it was time to move on to Monteverde. It was an early rise but we were greeted by Mr Arenal himself which was a nice surprise. Only one full day in La Fortuna but we managed I think to see pretty much everything. Except sloths…but I’ll get onto that…

View of Volcan Arenal La Fortuna

After a 3 hour Jeep, Boat, Jeep journey we arrived in Monteverde at about 12:30 lunch time. The canopy tour which we wanted to do started at 13:00 so it was basically check into the hostel, eat some Pollandia and jump in the shuttle.

The canopy tour was so so so good. Superman zip-lining through the clouds in the middle of the rainforest was something else. I had no idea how fast I was going or where I was going, or how high I was….but it was siiick. The experience of zipling into a white cloud of nothing is surreal.


After the ziplining came the Tarzan Swing. Holy shit I was not prepared for this. It hadn’t even crossed my mind until I was walking out on the bridge, 40 metres high, and seen that there was no end to the bridge, just a drop.

I had never done bungee jumping or anything like that before and quite honestly I don’t think I ever will after this. It was a mega adrenaline rush and I screamed like a giant baby. You basically step off the bridge, freefall for like 3 seconds(the scariest part) then swing around until you stop.

I didn’t get any footage or photos of myself at this as my mind was otherwise preoccupied but our newly met friend Deny managed to do a frontflip off the end. It was unintentional. This was after 3 failed attempts. But with 3 little kids who must’ve been about 8 pushing past him and jumping he found some courage and flipped himself off…yea thats right…:P.

I don’t blame him for not doing it first time. It was proper scary but It was one of the best things I have ever done and would highly recommend.

Then it was onto a Night walk through the jungle. To cut things shorts as this post is becoming pretty mega we basically saw a sloth taking a dump. And yes my life is complete. Unreal amounts of joy at this. Again due to rain and about 20 torches shining on this poor sloth trying to just do his bushiness I have no great footage; but believe me it was awesome.

Sloth doing his thing

So yea these 3 days were action packed. We couldn’t have planned it better…or not planned it better…. I don’t know. Everything worked out, from connecting buses, to arrival times, seeing the volcano, ziplining and tarzaning and of course the sloth.

Good times.

Now back to Tamarindo basecamp for the next week.





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