DreamSea Costa Rica – Part One…

So in my first week here at Dreamsea I have been attacked by mosquitoes, eaten by ants , seen and probably also slept with a big ass tarantula and have been bitten by an Iguana while eating pizza.

This place is a total culture shock. The first couple of days here were interesting to say the least..You totally have to readjust yourself to living in the jungle. It reminded me of Bear Grylls the island just we had the ‘luxury’ of tents…and quality food. There was no Wifi for the first week which was pretty awesome to be honest, people actually socialised. The ‘Glamping’ tents were definitely not glamping; You could taste the mould with every breathe and you have no choice but to live out of the same clothes day in day out, nothing drys out here.

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be clean and actually I quite like it 😀 Its back to basics.

There were a few drop outs after the first few days and I can understand why. But I can safely say after one week here that this place has grown on me, maybe even more than grown on me, its actually really something special.

The community and family spirit of the camp is the main draw of the place. Everyone works as a team, goes out as a team and surfs/chills as a team. There were about 50 volunteers when I first arrived and zero guests. Its one big fun family. And the guys running it really care about making this place a place of super positivity and partaay.

Flankeyball Tourney – Team Photo

Flankeyball tournament on the beach. Everyone needs to play this. An excuse to get smashed but also a proper fun game. I can’t really remember what happened but I know our team got to the final. I won’t go into the details of the game but it involves knocking down bottles, lots of running and quick downing of beers.

This was played against probably the best sunset I have ever seen. I was drunk so memories a bit hazy but I have seen many sunsets in my time and this probably topped the lot. Being in the ocean with the sun going down giving it that orange glow is totally the most serene experience you can have.


All in all this week started a bit like WTF where am I and has turned into one of the most memorable moments of my travelling. Good Surf and one big great positive family. As Artem(best/whackiest Yoga teacher) would say this place is Suuuper Amaaazing.

Highlight so far have to be –

  • Tequila Tim and myself drinking 50 dollars with of Tequila on Free Drinks night. Solid Idea.
  • Crossing crocodile river to surf playa Grande.
  • Catching my first Costa Rican Wave.
  • Back of the Truck karaoke in the pissing down rain.
Killing it
Charlie, Francesco, Tim and moi

Now onto week 2.

Standard Poser Photo :p




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