Ometepe Island

I hitch a taxi to the ferry from San Juan on my own. And when I get there I bump into the Canadians again. Its fate.

We take the ferry out to Ometepe. The volcanos look really cool from the ferry ride. We then get a private shuttle to our hostel. When we get in the hostel room we’re met by the creepiest sleaze i’ve ever met. And to top it off his name was Juan. Of course it was. There were tissues under his bed..and when I left the room he supposedly asked the girls if I could not sleep in the bed closest to him. So we left that hostel. We didn’t get a refund so someone….stole the Keys and we went off to stay at Little Morgans.

Little Morgans was such a chill place. The guys running it were drunk/high the whole time we were there but the place had a cool vibe and was much more happening than the Hostel we ditched. It was an eco hostel so basically like living on a farm; pigs, chickens and rabbits running about everywhere.

Another day another hammock

The place was full of Canadians again though. I don’t know what is going on but seriously everywhere I go they are there in full force. Seriously. Stop. Nah they’re not that bad 🙂

The next day we rented scooters and went around the island. These roads were not built for scooters. Sabrina and Steph ended up in the ditch after the first 5 minutes..Could’ve ended  badly but tbh was pretty funny :D. I have no idea how the scooters or us survived the journey.  We made our way to see the waterfalls, got there and had the most basic lunch ever. Then decided we couldn’t be bothered with the trek up the hill. So we finished our sandwich and drove back to swim in the Ojo de Agua. We went a long way, risking our lives just for a ham sandwich.

Two hour scooter journey..for this

Ojo de Agua was a really nice place to refresh and hide from the heat. So we spent a good few hours backflopping off the rope swing and then made our way back to Little Morgans for drinks.

Ometepe was Ok. I think one full day was enough for me. A bit too quiet and unless you are hiking the volcanoes theres not much to do in my opinion. Still it was a good couple of days.

The ometepe crew

The next day I got back on the ferry and made my way to Tamarindo. I met the same taxi driver who I gave my shoes to at the bus station and he helpfully directed me to the bus. 

All in to get to Tamarindo I got 5 buses, 1 Taxi and 1 ferry; taking 12 hours. Fairly exhausting journey…but it did cost me peanuts.

The border crossing into Costa Rica was OK. I did get ripped off once but only for $8 after someone conned me into thinking unneeded to give him money to pass to the immigration office. Turns out I didn’t need to. After wandering around I managed to find my way to immigration then onto the bus to Tamarindo.

Arrived under a huge thunderstorm and me and Pascal, who I met at the border checked into Selinas. This place is cool; nice bar, nice rooms and good vibes maan. Still full of Canadians though….:D Staying here for one night before moving onto DreamSea surf camp.

Selinas Hostel

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