Tree house Party and heading to SJDSR

A bit delayed in posting, not enough Wifi, not enough time….

Partying in a tree house is pretty fun. Pre-drinking with a litre of rum before it, even more. The night started with drinking games at Oasis hostel with the other ‘lesser’ Scot Angus, Kerri, Simon and Vanessa and some other tag alongs who joined in. It got messy quick. As with most drinking games I lost, or Won depending on how you look at it.

After a good couple hours of pre-drinking fun we headed to the first bar where we would get our free shuttles to the tree house. I somehow managed to miss all the shuttles and was left on my own with some other randoms. I don’t actually remember this and was only reminded of this the next day when these randoms enlightened me;standard drunkan. So yea my next memory is actually being at the treehouse and talking absolute nonsense to people. I try not to offend people but I do a good job of it. Asking the same person the same questions again and again because you’re so smashed is a great way to make new friends.

The treeehouse itself was pretty cool, would definitely recommend going there to party, maybe not sleep unless you love scorpions and other wee bugs.

Then it was tuktuk home with Angus lying head out one side, feet out the other across our laps while some random girl threw up over his head.

Thats about all I can remember of this night.IMG_1704

It was then time to move onto San Juan Del Sur which is supposed to be the biggest party in whole of Central America. I hopped on the chicken bus to Rivas, then managed to persuade the taxi driver at the bus stop to take me to San Juan in exchange for my shoes. Can’t say i’ve ever paid a taxi off with a pair of shoes before. Jokes on him I was going to throw them out anyway.

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