San Juan Del Sur – Sunday Funday

The biggest party in Central America, Sunday Funday.

Wake up, start drinking about 10am, finish about 10am the next day. I was more behaved than that and passed out about 1am just to let you know :D.

I stayed at Pachamamas hostel which is one of the main party hostels in town and where the Sunday Funday starts, so there was little to zero chance of any sleep, my bed was literally right above the dancefloor.

First morning there(Saturday) started with about 5 shots of tequila at 7:30 am with Sebastian, 3 Canadians – Heather, Steph and Sabrina and their local guides…It’s good to know someone who knows the locals…

We got a free tour of the town on the back of a pickup, stopping off at Playa Remonsa. Drinks were flowing (Free Drinks..). Was a good warm up to Sunday.


Sunday Funday itself was, I thought, pretty good overall. There’s 4 bars, 3 of which had pools. Pools and alcohol always makes things interesting. It is a long ass day though so expect a mega hangover. I’m just over mine now I think.


For me there is way too much of a ‘Bro’, backwards cap wearing spring break fest about everywhere over here. Its all way too Americanised.  The red beer pong cups were even out. Just needed Chad Hogan to appear and it would be complete. There were moments where I looked around and wanted to bang my head off the nearest wall. I have nothing against Americans/Canadians. They’re great. I just can’t party with them. Apologies to those who read this :D. I need some Brits/Europeans in my life.

Yea so to summarise Sunday Funday concept is pretty sweet although part of me would rather drink in the Hive.

The plan was to then stay and surf for a couple of days but after asking a taxi driver to take me to the surf spot and him saying it would be 20 dollars( for a 2 minute drive) I thought fuck this place I need out. So out I went onto Ometepe.

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