Volcano Camping and the trip to Granada

So Monday night we decided to ditch our beds at the hostel in exchange for a nice roll mat in a sweaty tent next to one of the countrys more active volcanos, Telica. A group of us from the hostel hiked up to the rim of the volcano, it was a short hike as we got driven most of the way, probably about 45 minutes of hiking to reach the top, but it made me realise that I wont be doing anymore hiking on this trip. 7 months of no exercise other than drinking has really taken its toll. I’m not that fine ass fitness machine that I once was.

Volcano babyyy

This hike/camping experience was ok. I wouldn’t go raving about it. The views from the top were nice, the sunrise too and it was cool to see the volcano crater but to be honest you couldn’t really see anything other than the sulphur infused smoke. And with our guide informing us to watch out for snakes and scorpions when going for a piss it did make me think wtf I am doing up here and paying 55 dollars for it! Anyway, it was an experience none the less.

Nice views of the volcano ridges and sunset/sunrise

It was then on to Granada. I had been in Leon for a week which was for me overkill, so it was definitely time to move on. We got the chicken bus from the bus station to Managua then swapped bus to get to Granada. This cost a whole 2.5 dollars compared to the $20 quoted for private shuttles. Too easy. We were crammed into the back seat of the bus, backpacks on our laps and the two Germans surfboards between us.  For the whole 2 hour journey I couldn’t move even my arm if I wanted to. By the time we got Managua I was numb. Money well spent though :D.

Chicken bus at the bus station

Myself and Svelin checked into the Oasis hostel and seemed like this was the place everyone goes to as bumped into a few familiar faces. I was probably getting a wee bit fed up at this point at the routine of backpacking, the constant laying around doing nothing and the similarities between every place you go. I was feeling a bit lost. But I got some well needed sleep and met up with some cool people, another Scot, hes alright for a Weegie i guess ;). Everything seemed alright with the world again. Although I Still need to get back into this traveling way of life. I did learn one thing from this last week and It goes for both traveling and life in general.  For me, it is not the experiences themselves that make life enjoyable but it is the people you do it with. ( Philosobomb)

Sunrise Views

It was then party time. I’ll talk about that in my next post yall. Peace out. Wee heads up though, the Tshirt was off again…. ;P

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