Volcano Boarding – Cerro Negro

I didn’t die. I probably could have though.

Today we hiked up Cerro Negro, the most active volcano in Nicaragua, with our wooden planks that we would eventually be throwing ourselves down the nice hard volcano rocks on.ย  The hike itself was pretty easy, less than an hour and the views were niiice.


When you get to the top it turns into a game of dancing to get away from all the bugs. A few of which had bites that we were told could turn you into a crying wee baby. That was a fun story to hear.


After looking over into the edge of the volcano crater it was time for the journey down. First things first there is no way this would be allowed back in the UK, not without a helmet and full body armour anyway. It was steep and these were rocks we were going down over, not soft cushty snow. You do get a lot of speed and once you’ve got that speed there’s no slowing down. Unless you fall; then you ragdoll down over the rocks until your face stops you.

It’s steeper than it looks..

We survived though and it was a pretty epic, adrenaline pumping ride. Would definitely recommend.


I am now at the beach in Las Penitas; super chilled and quiet here, the beach is miles long and you have it all to yourself. The waves probably aren’t suitable for my surfing ability and its a bit too quiet for me so it will likely be back to Leon for a couple more days and a hike up Telica Volcano before moving on down south.

Las Penitas Deserted beach

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