Leon – Heat, Hammocks and No backpack!

I am 3 days into my Nicaragua adventure and still in the same clothes I flew in, which isn’t great seeing as Leon, where I am now, is pretty much the hottest place in the country.  Living and breathing my own sweat has been an experience…

I arrived in the capital Managua on Tuesday, but my backpack decided not to join me. Thankfully it is now on its way. But I have kind of got used to living in my own sweat.

So I am now In Leon, staying at Poco a Poco hostel. Its a pretty cool hostel, a nice chill place to hide from the sunny streets. It is crazy hot out here at times. There are social events arranged every night by the guys here at the hostel. Last night was Reggae night; Bob Marley lookalikes and Jaeger.

Today, me and a couple of others from the hostel wandered the streets of the city , walked on the roof of the Cathedral de Leon then had some lunch at a local buffet style restaurant. Pretty much as much food as you want and a drink all for $4. Cant say no to that.. And the food was ace.

Quiz night at the hostel tonight then take it easy and up early for some volcano boarding tomorrow. So if I don’t post again anytime soon you know how I came to my end.

Time to get back to my hammock. Hasta Luego.


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