Back home for a limited time only!

So the ski season is now well and truly over and has been officially resigned to history, sadly. However, the adventure is not :). I have been back home now in sunny Scotland..It actually has been sunny by the way…for 2 weeks and have had the great pleasure of escorting two of the finest englishwomen around this fine country.

Beccs, Lou and me sunning it in Princes Street Gardens

Louise and Becca, two survivors from the Winter season have been lucky enough to have myself as company and chauffeur for these last 2 weeks. I have tried my best to navigate them around some of the must see sights. I even made a list of about 30 odd things to see and do. However, we probably only got to tick off around about 5 of these. Forgot how long it takes girls to get ready to do absolutely anything…. 😉 I think the earliest we got out the house was 12 O’clock and that was with setting an alarm to force us out of bed.

Anyway. Before Beccs arrived, Myself and Louise had a day out to Crammond Island. Where we befriended an old lady and her cute wee dog Poppy, saved the day by finding a lost phones owner and ventured out onto the island. Crammond Island is a great day out when the weathers like this and best of all its free. Love a freebie :D.

Views of the outbuildings on Crammond Island

Then me and Lou went for a bit of bowling where I obviously thrashed her silly. Too easy really. Ok I actually got beat and yes I am ashamed to admit it. I did get two strikes in a row on the last throw but still that wasn’t enough. I am still not over the humiliation. Chilling on the sofas at the dominion watching beauty and the beast did help a little.

Lou’s partner in crime arrived the next day so we went for a bit of Safari’ing. Archie sorry you never got the invite you would have fitted right in here.

We met some weird hairy camel like creature, probably a cousin of Louise’s, who clearly didn’t like us. Also we got dive bombed by a vulture. Moneys worth there already.

It was then time to hit the town. Two nights in a row of shots, cocktails in bags and Haggis bombs( Irn bru and Jaeger…). We randomly bumped into someone we knew from the Ski season who was out on a stag do. So naturally we joined the stag do and Beccs swapped clothes with the stag. Why not ey!?

Beccs then abandoned us for Glasgow. So me and Lou hit up Edinurgh for the day with a walk up Arthurs Seat and a trip to Camera Obscura.

The final night we picked up Beccs and pitched up a tent on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Campfire drinking games, some cha cha sliding and a squeeze into a small 3 man tent; probably couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the trip. And the midges weren’t biting!

Then it was goodbye and I am now on my own again about to set off on my next stop. Nicaragua. I am currently a bit lost. A lot lost actually. And have no idea what is in store next. But it is sad to say goodbye and that’s the thing about travelling. Its a double edged sword; you meet some amazing people and share some amazing experiences with them. But at the end of it all you have to say goodbye. But its only a goodbye for now. I’ll be seeing you lot again so make the most of your freedom away from me while you can ;D.

I’ll leave you with a vid of our lochside entertainment. Enjoy.

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