Ski Season 16/17 – Les Arcs / Peisey

IMG_0296Its now the end of April and I am sat back at home wondering what to do with my life again. I have just returned from what has been a pretty epic 5 months in the French Alps. This was my first ever ski season and I have to say it has been pretty memorable. I stayed in the area of Peisey-Nancroix which is basically an offshoot of the Les Arcs resort. Peisey was like a little town sat on one side of the resort; it had everything you needed to survive a season : lifts, shops, bars but the best thing about Peisey was the family feel you get from living in a relatively small community. Everyone knew everyone. This meant word travelled fast when you got up to no good…Not something I would know… but it did also mean it was easy to meet and get to know people, something which probably isn’t as easy in the bigger resorts.

I had a great season. The snow was sh*t dont get me wrong. Probably one of the worst seasons for snow in living memory but we made up for it in other ways. Mainly getting drunk and partying. We did get some snowboarding in too though…I think.

The best thing about the season was the people. I met some awwesomee people, none more so than team peisey. Big Shout out to the Chunder Princess – Becca, Pee Princess Louise <3, Adolf Swift Archie (also <3)), Chopper Joel, ManWhore Rob πŸ˜‰ and my two chauffeurs for the season Adam and Daisy. Would not of been the same without these people. If you didnt get a shout out. Tough. I still love you. Maybe.


Highlights of the season have to be:

Mont Blanc band nights where I cant remember much other than being repeatedly crowdsurfed or squished against the ceiling and of course the topless sweaty sausagefest dancing powered by the fuel of champions Genepi; won’t miss that stuff..


Arpette Apres- Table dancing. Again topless. Theme going here…Especially the time Chopper Joel got so smashed, passed out and had to get airlifted down. Good laugh…not at the time mind. Also the table collapsing on us when dancing, blaming the girls for that one.

Greggs – Karaoke – The less said about this the better. All I can say is she bangs..and that I put the girls to shame πŸ˜‰


Hot Tub end of season party(s) – Two nights of hot tub filth. And I mean filth. You wouldn’t want to drink the water out of that tub the day after. You know who you are πŸ˜‰


Bonfires – Great way to end the day. Bonfire, toasting marshmallows and being served by the best BBQ’er on the alps. Cheers Adam. Though pretty much all my clothes stank like smoke form the rest of the season.

Chalet Pascale – I probably spent more time here than in my Hostel. Basically my second home. Getting served breakfast in bed while the others slaved their asses away.

Tignes Guided Day – Probably the best day of snowboarding I have ever had. It had dumped for the previous 2 days. We had arranged heli-skiing but the avalanche risk was too great. So we went heli-skiing without the helicopter…We got a guided off-piste tour around Tignes and the snow was unreal. Also got to try out a fishtail splitboard which was really really really decent.

The Snow – I think I can count on one hand how many days we managed to get decent off-piste action. This was a pretty crappy season for snow but It didn’t really affect my overall enjoyment of the season. We still managed to get out whenever we wanted. Sure the snow wasn’t the greatest but as long as theres still some on the ground you can still get out there and have fun.

My boarding came on a bit over the season. By April when the slush came in and we headed to the park more often I could see some improvement. Although I was half expecting to be pro by the end of the season.

Things I wont Miss :

Bunk Beds

Hoovering, mopping, dusting, cleaning shit out of toilets and cleaning shit out of showers

RobΒ buying endless shots

Oh and Antonio trying his best to kill me. Top Tip – don’t follow a skier who has off piste ski’s into waist high snow when you only have a 151cm snowboard. I can laugh about it now but I seriously thought my time had come to an end here.


Anyway, that was just a quick summary of how the season went. Its hard to remember everything that went down when you sit down after to type it up. However, I can sum it up by saying that it was up there with one of the best things i’ve ever done. Would I do it again? I don’t know..It would be hard to beat these memories and the people i’ve met. But who knows πŸ™‚

Over and Out bitchezzz


P.s. Does anyone know where the loch ness monster lives ? …… πŸ˜€

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