First Post ! Quit work, Choose Life…..

So I have finally decided to start a blog. I wanted to and should have got round to this years ago but hey i’m lazy and the king of procrastination. Anyway here I am and here’s my first ever post woooo…..

After 5 years of living the office life, 9-5 Monday to Friday, I finally managed to pluck up the courage and quit. I had always wanted to go travelling but had followed the path which one ‘must follow’ and went to University for 5 years, got my degree then went straight into a full-time job. Who cares about what you want to do as long as you’re doing what everyone else thinks you should do, right?

Anyway, 5 years into this working life I decided to clear my desk, pack my bags and get on a plane leading to anywhere. I literally had no idea of where I wanted to go or what I was doing or even if what I was doing was right.. I had a very well paying, stable job with great opportunites. Now I have nothing but that experience and whats in my backpack. It was pretty scary. But, the one thing I have learned is that there is nothing to be scared of. As long as you have some savings along with determination and an ability to fight that ‘what if’ fear that kicks in then you’re pretty much sorted.

Its currently 6 months since I quit my job and started on this new adventure and I can honestly say that there is not one regret; quite the opposite actually. I have travelled through Thailand, Phillipines, Surfed in Portugal and done a Ski(Snowboard actually 😉 ) season in France. I have met loads of amazing people, seen some amazing natural beauty, drank far too much, danced on far too many tables, and sang way way way too much Karaoke. I can safely say that I would not have done even 10% of this I had stayed with what I was doing.

I plan to keep this blog up to date as I continue my travels so that you all, or more likely just myself, are informed on what stupid sh*t I have been up to.

First Post done 😀


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